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stop pests from entering homeAs summer winds down, the threat of pests invading our social and private spaces is still here. Here are some simple solutions to help keep those pests at bay.

  1. To start the quest of ridding your home of household pests, look not only for larger gaps in your attic and garage, but also for unsealed and small gaps of electrical lines and pipes that enter the house. Mice and rodents, ants and roaches love these cracks and crevices. It’s important that you close these using expanding foam insulation that denies any entry.
  2. In winter, storing firewood away from the house is crucial. Wood is a magnet for low lying pests that are attracted to the warmth generated by the fire pit. Store wood at least 20 feet away from the house.
  3. In summer, when the humidity and the heat are high, mosquitoes can become a nuisance. Throw some rosemary and sage in the garden to keep mosquitoes away. The smell repels mosquitoes and they are deterred from entering your home.
  4. Repair torn screens and similar barriers to protect against invasive summer bugs.
  5. Ants leave a trail that other follow to sources of food – like your kitchen! Wash away these trails using a solution such as a quarter cup of vinegar, 10 drops of peppermint oil mixed into 2 cups of water.
  6. Keep the weather stripping around your doors and windows in working order. You can replace the worn away weather stripping so there are no gaps and keep windows tightly closed unless they have screens.
  7. If you want to keep spiders at bay and still not use chemicals, it’s worth a try to slice up some onions and toss them in a bowl of water. Place the bowl near the entrance where you see the spiders.
  8. You can also use wire garden cloches to protect plants that are especially vulnerable. The wire versions are quite common and easy to use. You just need to place these over your growing plants to protect them from hungry animals. If you have chicken wire laying around, you can make your own rough wire cloches.
  9. Copper mesh can be used as a barrier against rodents and birds. Stuff in a generous amount of copper mesh and then use a foam sealant to seal the gaps.


We hope our organic pest control tips help keep bugs at bay and deter rodents from entering your home. If you are still in need of professional help in this area, please give us a call  at (239) 694-8008 or contact us here on the website and we will be happy to help you!