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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

When is pest control needed?

In Florida, the subtropics, pest control services are needed at all times of the year, because we do not have a dormant season.

Seasons do affect the needs of pest control because of weather patterns.   We do not have a cold enough winter to stop insect populations.

Why Is Pest Control Needed?
Pest control is important because pests can carry harmful bacteria that can contaminate foods and cause illness. These harmful bacteria can be passed to the food by contact with their hair, feces and urine. Pests can also cause serious damage to the structure and fabric of food premises.
Why Choose Armstrong Pest Control?
  1. We are locally owned and operated.
  2. We are native to and are familiar with the area.
  3. Our owner/operator is fully certified and licensed by the State of Florida.
  4. Trained service staff, with a commitment to continuing education.
  5. Fully insured.
  6. We promptly respond to your service requests.
  7. 43+ years of combined pest control experience to meet our customers’ needs.
  8. Appointments are given a 2-hour window, and are serviced within the 2-hour window, or a phone call is made.
  9. Our commitment is to our service.