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Why choose Armstrong Pest Control?

In Florida, the sub tropics, pest control services are needed at all times of the year, because we do not have a dormant season. Seasons do affect the needs of pest control because of weather patterns. In Southwest Florida we do not have a cold enough winter to stop insect populations.

Armstrong Pest Control opened its doors in Fort Myers on April 1, 2004, and is the vision of its founder, Bruce Armstrong.  Bruce began his pest control career in 1982, working on a lawn truck for Arab Pest Control, in Fort Myers, Florida.  While employed with Arab, he was  also Supervisor of Service in Naples, and the Branch Manager of Live Oak  and Fort  Myers until 1989.  Bruce then went to work for All American Pest Control, doing business as Sears Authorized Pest Control, in service and sales, and as Branch Manager.  In 1992, Bruce began working with Allstate Termite & Pest Control, an employee-owned company, until 2004.

We are local, family-owned and operated, and offer our customers 42 years of combined pest control experience to meet their needs. We have a professional staff who are local, trained, courteous and prompt. Our commitment is to our service and your complete satisfaction. We customize our services to match your needs.

Please review our services and give us a call for a FREE inspection and Estimate.

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Armstrong Pest Control serving Southwest Florida since 1982

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